About Us

Not Your Average Telecom Company

Our executive team spent years at the largest telecommunications companies, accruing valuable experience and practical industry knowledge before forming CC3 Solutions with one goal in mind:

Make it easy to source and implement new solutions while staying ahead of the technology curve.

Our complete vendor ecosystem simplifies the procurement, deployment, and installation of a wide range of corporate mobile devices as well as digital network and security technologies. To date, we have successfully helped over 5,000 organizations achieve their business goals.

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A Radical New Idea.

Our people are our product and who make CC3 stand out from the crowd.

Since 2017, the passionate CC3 team members have remained committed to providing seamless customer experiences and business-friendly flexibility that larger telecommunication companies cannot.

We believe that when you take care of your team, your team will take care of its customers.

Applying their extensive skillsets, a deep understanding of the CC3 client base, and eagerness to extend familial values and personal experiences to our customers, our team members are always putting your business and its success first.

The Preferred Telecom Solutions
Provider for Superior Businesses

The CC3 Solutions service lines simplify smartphone, tablet, and field device deployments for projects of any size.

To ensure we deliver a customer’s tailored solutions on time and to their specifications, our team composes comprehensive project plans and deployment schedules to meet their business needs and to avoid the pain points mobile service providers are known for:

Revolving Account Teams

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1-800 Numbers

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Unexpected Service Rate & Flat Fee Fluctuations

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Too Many Points of Contact

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Overpaying on Inflexible Solutions Packages

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Impractical Short-Term Technology Maintenance

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Too Many Bills

How We Operate

We provide a frictionless experience between your business, the carrier, and the equipment manufacturer for efficient and reliable access, maintenance, and performance of scalable telecom solutions.

Businesses can trust CC3 to keep their team members connected with accessible and advanced mobile communication capabilities that streamline collaboration, enhancing employee and business development.

Let us help scale your organization to new heights with fully managed telecom solutions that streamline on-premises and digital workplace environments.

When you partner with CC3, you gain access to premium telecom services from the industry’s top carriers and manufacturers, so your business can focus on what is important: Success!

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What You Get with CC3 Solutions

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A single point of contact for all telecommunication services.

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Invoice analysis to correct billing errors, reduce service costs, and optimize service investments.

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IT consultations to create tailored telecommunication service and equipment packages.

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Complete procurement services for straightforward technology purchasing and consumption within the project’s budget.

Our Leadership Team

cc3 solutions david long

David Long

Chief Executive Officer

cc3 solutions kevin koke

Kevin Koke

President – Business Development

cc3 solutions mike mundy

Mike Mundy

President – Enterprise Sales

cc3 solutions jeff eldred

Jeff Eldred

President – Global Sales

cc3 solutions clint shank

Clint Shank

Vice President – Sales

cc3 solutions rachel klaus

Rachel Klaus

Vice President – Mobility

cc3 solutions joe andrews

Joe Andrews

Vice President – Technical Sales

cc3 solutions kevin marusic

Kevin Marusic

Sales Center Vice President at AT&T