Case Study: Buyback & Repair USIC



USIC (United States Infrastructure Corporation) approached CC3 Solutions with a mission: efficiently replace their damaged mobile devices.

20 million miles of underground infrastructure connect America to the power, water, and communication services essential to every home and business. USIC, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the leading utility location company in the US. USIC locates and marks these utility lines to prevent damage and service disruptions, keeping excavators and communities safe.

Given the nature of their demanding work, it is not uncommon for USIC field technicians to encounter situations resulting in broken or damaged mobile phones and tablets.

CC3 Solutions provides the reliable corporate buyback and repair solutions they need.

We quote old equipment at a premium, have a 100% guaranteed erasure service, and provide replacement equipment in advance. USIC’s team of over 12,000 technicians also benefits from next-day replacements for any damaged devices.

This yields significant cost savings for the company and saves them valuable hours that would otherwise be spent waiting for repairs.