Mobile Technology for Business

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The modern corporate landscape is developing at a blinding rate. At the forefront of this endless innovation is mobile technology for business. Now, more than ever, mobile capabilities are vital to a company’s efficiency, productivity, and goal fulfillment. Luckily, devices like smartphones and tablets and their abilities are becoming more robust by the day, making business optimization more accessible than ever!

4 Types of Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology consists of three components: computing devices, portable two-way communication devices, and networking technology connecting the devices—internet-enabled devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) characterize mobile technology.

Types of mobile technologies include (but are not limited to):

  • 4G – provides cellular data network technology with enhanced data speeds and network performance with reduced latency vs. its 3G predecessor.
  • Bluetooth – connects/pairs devices across short distances via short-wavelength radio waves (e.g., pairing a headset to a smartphone or a smartphone to speakers).
  • Cellular Networks – allows cell phones to automatically switch radio frequencies to make uninterrupted calls between the person making the call and the other receiving the call.
  • Wi-Fi – uses radio waves to enable wireless internet connections via geographically-fixed routers (hotspots). Many mobile devices automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks as needed.

Business Cell Phones & Tablets

The first cell phone call was made in 1973; the first smartphone hit the market in 1994, and the commercial history of the tablet computer began in 1989. These technological developments and their evolution into more efficient and powerful devices have shaped and benefitted businesses of all sizes for decades.

Mobile technology benefits for businesses include:

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality – facilitates workflows in various industries (construction, education, healthcare, and real estate).
  • Cloud Environments
  • Edge Computing
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile IoT Apps
  • Scalability

The Future of Mobile Technology for Business

Mobile technology development is ever-changing. The businesses evolving with that technological growth can move toward a future filled with newer heights of business goal achievement, enjoying the results of elite mobile technology, such as:

  • Adaptive Mobile Work Environments
  • Augmented Productivity and Efficiency
  • Effortless Communication and Collaborating
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences and Journeys
  • Mobile Device Real-Time Data and Analytics Solutions

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