Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

ways to keep remote employees engaged

Remote work is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Businesses and employees recognize its benefits as they adapt to this new reality. A new study found that remote workers are 20% happier, and happiness at work significantly correlates to overall life happiness.

Still, effectively managing a remote workforce can be challenging. Businesses must prioritize worker engagement to ensure remote employees are successful and feel connected with others. Here are steps you can take to keep your remote employees engaged.

Use Collaboration Apps

Emails, great for simple communications, don’t work best for quick back-and-forth conversations. That’s where collaboration apps like Asana, Basecamp, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and Slack come in.

They provide real-time instant messaging and file-sharing capabilities, helping workers build relationships and get work done together regardless of their locations.

Host Virtual Social Events

Remote workers have fewer opportunities to connect with others spontaneously. A great solution is to host virtual social events. The key is to make them unrelated to work and encourage everyone to participate, even the ones who are typically quiet.

Heads Up!, Pictionary, and Wordle are just some free virtual team building games available.

Listen to Feedback

Asking for employee feedback is beneficial in several ways. It helps you gain insight into areas of improvement and work toward creating a better, more positive work environment. Plus, it shows you value their input, creating a trust and engagement culture.

Here are five methods of gathering feedback.

  1. An online suggestion box enables employees to share their anonymous feedback about anything at any time.
  2. Monthly employee pulse surveys quickly capture the pulse of employee attitudes, sentiments, and engagement levels.
  3. Quarterly or annual performance appraisals measure an employee’s performance against specific objectives and goals.
  4. Regular one-on-ones between employees and their managers allow them to understand concerns, resolve issues, and share feedback.
  5. 360 feedback cycles for employees combine feedback from different sources, such as supervisors, direct reports, colleagues, and customers, to reach more valid, less biased skill assessments.

Recognize Employees

It’s crucial to recognize employees for meeting goals or embodying company values. This public acknowledgment makes the workplace feel more inclusive and human. In other words, employees feel more connected to the culture, engaged, and motivated, all while feeling less burned out.

Here are three ideas that are compatible with virtual environments.

  1. Celebrate birthdays by sending e-cards and encouraging team members to send birthday messages.
  2. Create opportunities for employees to recognize and appreciate their colleagues’ accomplishments during team meetings.
  3. Regularly spotlight individual employees on the company’s social media platforms.

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